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Protecting Project Pulp 105: F. Paul Wilson

Main Fiction: “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” (Part 1) by F. Paul Wilson. Narrator: James Silverstein. “You’ll find my Margot, won’t you?” Mr. Kachmar said. “Please?” Frank Frazetta book covers.

Protecting Project Pulp 103: Abraham Merritt

Main Fiction: “The People of the Pit” by Abraham Merritt, first published in The All-Story, January 5, 1918. Narrator: Fred Himebaugh. North of us a shaft of light shot half way to the zenith. It came from behind the five peaks. The beam drove up through a column of blue haze whose edges were marked […]

Protecting Project Pulp 102: Henry Hasse

Main Fiction: “Out of This World” by Henry Hasse, first published in Planet Stories, Summer, 1942. Narrator: Daniel Reynolds. There was no escape but death from that fetid prison planet and its crazed, sadistic overseer. List of Henry Hasse stories.

Protecting Project Pulp 101: Harrison R. Howard

Main Fiction: “The Weight of Reputation” by Harrison R. Howard, first published in Adventure, March 30 1920. Narrator: Shawn Robertson. When, at the fag end of a beautiful August day, he tracked his quarry to a homestead in a pine clearing he did not attempt to carry the stronghold by heroic measures, but seated himself […]

Protecting Project Pulp 100: John D. MacDonald

Main Fiction: “Final Mission” by John D. MacDonald, first published in Planet Stories, November, 1950. Narrator: Fred Himebaugh. In that precise, antiseptic, post-war society, thirteen hell-raising old space-warriors were as obsolete as bass knuckles in a debate. . .and somewhat more of a nuisance. So brass-bands played, and brass-hats brayed. . .and a coffin ship […]

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