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Protecting Project Pulp 88: Gordon Young

Main Fiction: “Bogus Gems” by Gordon Young, first published in Adventure, December 18, 1919. Narrator: Bryan Lincoln. The casket did not belong to me. But I had as good right to it as the man I took it from.

Protecting Project Pulp 63: Guido Rengetti

Main Fiction: “The Inn of Treachery” by Guido Rengetti, first published in Thrilling Adventures, July 1932. Narrator: Mandy McCall. A stirring story of Paduan days of old and the thirst for vengeance. Article on SF Encyclopedia regarding house names.

Protecting Project Pulp 62: Nictzin Dyalhis

Main Fiction: “The Sea Witch” by Nictzin Dyalhis, first published in Weird Tales, December 1937. Narrator: Fred Himebaugh. Out of the sea she came, this gloriously beautiful woman, to compass a weird revenge that had been too long delayed.

Protecting Project Pulp 61: Robert F. Young

Main Fiction: “The Servant Problem” by Robert F. Young, first published in Analog Science Fact Science Fiction, November, 1962. Narrator: Mike Wood. Selling a whole town, and doing it inconspicuously, can be a little difficult … either giving it away freely, or in a more normal sense of “selling”. People don’t quite believe it….

Protecting Project Pulp 55: Clark Ashton Smith

Main Fiction: “Mother of Toads” by Clark Ashton Smith, first published in Weird Tales, July, 1938. Narrator: Josie Babin. “Why must you always hurry away, my little one?” The voice of Mère Antoinette, the witch, was an amorous croaking. She ogled Pierre, the apothecary’s young apprentice, with eyes full-orbed and unblinking as those of a […]

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