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Protecting Project Pulp 111: Paul Chadwick

Final Episode: Main Fiction: “Mistress of Snarling Death” by Paul Chadwick, first published in Ace Mystery, July 1936. Narrator: Dave Lamm. Stephen Demarest might have gone back from that barren, eroded wasteland, where those gigantic black dogs ringed him in a sinister circle. But the weirdly beautiful mistress of the great beasts fixed him with […]

Protecting Project Pulp 110: Marcus Lyons

Main Fiction: “Claw of the Kidnapped Idol” by Marcus Lyons, first published in Crack Detective Stories, December 1947. Narrator: Douglas Sedivy. Bicarbonate Johnny didn’t have to believe in the supernatural to know that this idol was deadly – both to the persons who stole it and whoever tried to get it back.

Protecting Project Pulp 109: Hugh B. Cave

Main Fiction: “The Corpse on the Grating” by Hugh B. Cave, first published in Astounding Stories of Super Science, February 1930. Narrator: Rob Smales. In the Gloomy Depths of the Old Warehouse Dale Saw a Thing That Drew a Scream of Horror to His Dry Lips. It Was a Corpse—the Mold of Decay on Its […]

Protecting Project Pulp 108: Ray Bradbury

Main Fiction: “Defense Mech” by Ray Bradbury, first published in Planet Stories, Spring, 1946. Narrator: Fred Himebaugh. Halloway stared down at Earth, and his brain tore loose and screamed, Man, man, how’d you get in a mess like this, in a rocket a million miles past the moon, shooting for Mars and danger and terror […]

Protecting Project Pulp 107: F. Paul Wilson

Main Fiction: “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” (Part 3) by F. Paul Wilson. Narrator: James Silverstein. “You’ll find my Margot, won’t you?” Mr. Kachmar said. “Please?”

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