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Protecting Project Pulp is looking for a Host

January 4, 2013 by Tony

That’s right! Dave Robison… our very own mystery man of danger is stepping down to pursue other adventures in far flung realms, so we are looking to fill Dave’s shoes with someone to host the show. Have you got what it takes?

Read on everyone and see if hosting Protecting Project Pulp might be the adventure you crave! 

Closing date 23rd January

The BASIC requirements are:

Select from the recorded stories a broadcast schedule (i.e. which stories are going to air when). A new episode is released weekly on Tuesday and we’ve tried to schedule about a month in advance. There are enough stories in the queue to be broadcast that you could schooled out for months if you wanted, but we wanted to be able to respond to opportunities, like have author interviews or other special content inserted into the feed.

Write and record the opening and closing segments of the show (the intro and outro). I tried to make the intro an briefly informative event where we shared some information about the author of that episode’s story. Fred Heimbaugh, the PPP’s assistant editor provides all that information. For the outro, I decided to expand on some of the thematic elements of the story with personal observations, but that’s just me. Listen to the other District of Wonders Network podcasts and you’ll discover that many of the other hosts are really expanding the content of their shows into a full blown weekly magazine of intriguing content related to the genre. This is solely at the host’s prerogative.

Those recorded intro and outro segments need to be handed off to the sound engineer, Tom O’Dwyer. He mixes the host’s recorded pieces with the music and the story audio and the boilerplate audio that identifies the podcast.

Tom then uploads the finished episode. The host posts it to Libsyn (the site/service used to host the audio files on the web) and sends the resulting URL to Fred, who builds and schedules the post on the website.

Rinse and repeat each week. With a little effort, you could get several weeks of episodes cued up well in advance.

The THEMATIC requirements are a little different and are really up to each host to decide. Here are my thoughts…

The host really defines the spirit and tone of the podcast as well as infusing it with value and meaning. Listen to Tales to Terrify or StarShipSofa and you’ll see what I mean, or Pseudopod or The Drabblecast. All those hosts give their podcasts a presence far beyond the mere content of the fiction. This, I feel, is vital for any podcast to be a success in the modern digital age.

The host also needs to network and promote the podcast. This includes social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and so much more) as well as networking with affiliated podcasts, content creators, and fans. The best way to get people to know about and value your podcast is by supporting and advocating other content creators, including authors, artists, and other podcasters. Creating a network of mutual support and awareness raising provides a huge boost to listenership and “buzz” because more people are talking about the podcast.

Interviews with authors is a great way to boost value AND increase exposure.

There’s all KINDS of awesomeness a host can do, but basically it’s THEIR baby… they can make as much or as little of it as possible.


If this is for you….. then drop us a line at starshipsofa@gmail.com


  1. Fuck man!!! This announcement hardens the pulpy material of any heart. All that have been said above about the requirements to be a host were took into the highest dimension by Dave Robison. His intros and outros are pure ecstasy in the pulpiest way of the term. “Pulpiest?”… Yes!!!… Why not?… This is Protecting Project Pulp baby!!!

  2. Holy shit! There’s no WAY the show will ever be the same! I missed a couple of episodes, then came back to get caught up and walked face-first into this?

    …I don’t know what to believe in any more… Dave will be missed… holy shit…

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