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Protecting Project Pulp No. 18: H. A. DeRosso

November 13, 2012 by Frederic Himebaugh

Main Fiction: “Hide-Away” by H. A. DeRosso, first published in Triple Detective, Summer, 1954.

Narrator: Jeff Lewis.

Our narrator was incorrectly identified in the podcast. Jeff Lewis is his correct name. The details of the narrator’s biography were correct. Our appologies go to Jeff for the mix-up.

Donna was that kind of gal. Only killing would cure her.


  1. The best shots of this episode were your insightful final thoughts, Dave. Carson may have been deceived by his feelings, but at the end, the survival instinct won. What a fucking cool blood tinged his last words!!! Thanks to the whole team of District of Wonder. How I would like to show my gratitude at least cleaning the blood left behind by the story.

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