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Protecting Project Pulp No. 19: Tom Thursday

November 20, 2012 by Frederic Himebaugh

Main Fiction: “Ten Dollars–No Sense” by Tom Thursday, first published in Top-Notch Magazine, December 15, 1922.

Narrator: Robert Smales (check out Rob’s blog at lifeis-whathappens.blogspot.com/).

Judging from this newspaper, Doc, you’d think that everybody in New York was either a pickpocket, blackjack bammer, or a member of the burglars’ union. Looks to me as if the chief duty of a newspaper in this here town of N.Y.C. is to toss its customers assorted murders for breakfast, holdups for lunch, and divorces for dinner.



  1. I’d like to be there when those guys happen to perfomance again their experiment. Of course, not pick up ten dollars bill, but a least a million’s. We live in a time far from 1922. Sorry, but I’m not an honest person… I’m a human, you know… made of bones and flesh and with a fucking Ying Yang whirling inside me. Great story!!! A very funny one too. Just like the other (in epidode 7) I racked my brain to catch up with the mind-bending language of Thursday. But pulp fiction is a risky business.

    • Hey Odilius, I’m glad you liked the episode — and if you think it was mind-bending to listen to that language, try talking like that! This was a pretty hard narration for my first time, but it was a lot of fun too. Can’t wait to tackle another one, even if it’s another Thursday tongue-twister!

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