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Protecting Project Pulp No. 34: Frank Belknap Long, Jr.

March 5, 2013 by Frederic Himebaugh

Main Fiction: “The Hounds of Tindalos” by Frank Belknap Long, Jr., first published in Weird Tales, July, 1937.

Narrator: Lewis Morgan.

“A new drug?”

“It was used centuries ago by Chinese alchemists, but it is virtually unknown in the West. It’s occult properties are amazing. With its aid and the aid of my mathematical knowledge I believe that I can go back through time.”


  1. I think I could use a bit of this new Chinese wonder drug…

  2. Excellent reading of a classic.

  3. I’m in high school and starting next year I will have to start looking at colleges. I know I want to find a college just for creative writing. I love writing stories of all sorts, and I know of a couple colleges that specialize in creative writing. But where would you recommend? Remember, I’m talking about creative writing, not journalism. Any suggestions?.

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