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Life & Death

Protecting Project Pulp 102: Henry Hasse

Main Fiction: “Out of This World” by Henry Hasse, first published in Planet Stories, Summer, 1942.

Narrator: Daniel Reynolds.

There was no escape but death from that fetid prison planet and its crazed, sadistic overseer.

List of Henry Hasse stories.

Protecting Project Pulp 99: W. Ryerson Johnson

Main Fiction: “The Avalanche Maker” by W. Ryerson Johnson, first published in West Magazine, July 22, 1931.

Narrator: Logan Waterman.

He’s a little guy, but man alive, he throws a whole mountain at a murdering thief!

PulpFiction.com.au, and Simon’s photos of the store

Protecting Project Pulp 98: Henry Kuttner

Main Fiction: “The Eyes of Thar” by Henry Kuttner, first published in Planet Stories, Fall, 1944.

Narrator: Rob Smales.

She spoke in a tongue dead a thousand years, and she had no memory for the man she faced. Yet he had held her tightly but a few short years before, had sworn eternal vengeance—when she died in his arms from an assassin’s wounds.

Protecting Project Pulp 97: Harold F. Cruickshank

Main Fiction: “The Fangs of Otan” by Harold F. Cruickshank, first published in Thrilling Adventures, August 1939.

Narrator: Samuel Campbell.

A She-Cougar Fights for Life and Safety in the Untracked Wilds!

Age of Aces biography

Protecting Project Pulp 93: Leigh Brackett

Main Fiction: “Black Amazon of Mars” (part 3 of 3) by Leigh Brackett, first published in Planet Stories, March 1951.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

Grimly Eric John Stark slogged toward that ancient Martian city—with every step he cursed the talisman of Ban Cruach that flamed in his blood-stained belt. Behind him screamed the hordes of Ciaran, hungering for that magic jewel—ahead lay the dread abode of the Ice Creatures—at his side stalked the whispering spectre of Ban Cruach, urging him on to a battle Stark knew he must lose!

Project Gutenberg: Cover art.

Queen of the Martian Catacombs: Cover art.

Enchantress of Venus: Cover art.

Wikipedia: The Leigh Brackett Solar System.

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