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Pulp Fiction

Protecting Project Pulp 111: Paul Chadwick

Final Episode:

Main Fiction: “Mistress of Snarling Death” by Paul Chadwick, first published in Ace Mystery, July 1936.

Narrator: Dave Lamm.

Stephen Demarest might have gone back from that barren, eroded wasteland, where those gigantic black dogs ringed him in a sinister circle. But the weirdly beautiful mistress of the great beasts fixed him with her strange, smoldering eyes—eyes that both attracted and frightened. And the attraction was greater than the fear.

Protecting Project Pulp 110: Marcus Lyons

Main Fiction: “Claw of the Kidnapped Idol” by Marcus Lyons, first published in Crack Detective Stories, December 1947.

Narrator: Douglas Sedivy.

Bicarbonate Johnny didn’t have to believe in the supernatural to know that this idol was deadly – both to the persons who stole it and whoever tried to get it back.

Protecting Project Pulp 109: Hugh B. Cave

Main Fiction: “The Corpse on the Grating” by Hugh B. Cave, first published in Astounding Stories of Super Science, February 1930.

Narrator: Rob Smales.

In the Gloomy Depths of the Old Warehouse Dale Saw a Thing That Drew a Scream of Horror to His Dry Lips. It Was a Corpse—the Mold of Decay on Its Long-dead Features—and Yet It Was Alive!

Beware The Hairy Mango – Fifty Anniversary.

Protecting Project Pulp 108: Ray Bradbury

Main Fiction: “Defense Mech” by Ray Bradbury, first published in Planet Stories, Spring, 1946.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

Halloway stared down at Earth, and his brain tore loose and screamed, Man, man, how’d you get in a mess like this, in a rocket a million miles past the moon, shooting for Mars and danger and terror and maybe death.

Ray Bradbury interviewed on the Starship Sofa

Protecting Project Pulp 107: F. Paul Wilson

Main Fiction: “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” (Part 3) by F. Paul Wilson.

Narrator: James Silverstein.

“You’ll find my Margot, won’t you?” Mr. Kachmar said. “Please?”

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