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Pulp Fiction

Protecting Project Pulp 88: Gordon Young

Main Fiction: “Bogus Gems” by Gordon Young, first published in Adventure, December 18, 1919.

Narrator: Bryan Lincoln.

The casket did not belong to me. But I had as good right to it as the man I took it from.

Protecting Project Pulp 87: Abraham Merritt

Main Fiction: “Through the Dragon Glass” by Abraham Merritt, first published in All-Story Weekly, November 24, 1917.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

It took your breath away, the first glimpse of the Dragon Glass. Yes, and the second and third glimpse, too—and every other time you looked at it.

Protecting Project Pulp 86: Francis Stevens

Main Fiction: “Friend Island” by Francis Stevens, first published in All-Story Weekly, September 7, 1918.

Narrator: Pete Fallico.

Stern of feature, bronzed by wind and sun, her age could only be guessed, but I surmised at once that in her I beheld a survivor of the age of turbines and oil engines—a true sea-woman of that elder time when woman’s superiority to man had not been so long recognized. When, to emphasize their victory, women in all ranks were sterner than today’s need demands.

Protecting Project Pulp 85: Travis Heermann

Main Fiction: “Shadows of the Deep” by Travis Heermann.

Narrator: Josie Babin.

Kuriko walked aghast through the wreckage of her childhood. It was worse than she feared; every village in Iga province was wiped away clean. Charred timbers protruded like burnt ribs from the snow.

Protecting Project Pulp 84: Edmond Hamilton

Main Fiction: “Child of Atlantis” by Edmond Hamilton, first published in Weird Tales, December, 1937.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

What brooding shape of horror dwelt in the black castle that topped the sinister island?

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