April 22, 2024
With the Release of the Move 2, Sonos has Created a New standard in Audio Quality

The New Sonos Move 2 Is Here!

Leader in the audio business Sonos has announced the launch of the Sonos Move 2 on September 20 at a retail price of $449. Following in the footsteps of the original Move and the tiny Roam, this new addition to Sonos’ portable speaker portfolio is sure to be a hit. The second-generation Move features major improvements, including as stereo sound output, a battery life more than double that of the original, and a redesigned control interface inspired by the Era 300 and Era 100.

Created and Transportable

Although the Move 2 looks quite similar to its predecessor, it is still a durable “portable” speaker with a built-in handle for easy transfer wherever in or out of the house. The Move 2’s inside features not one but two tweeters, which are in charge of the excellent stereo separation, and a lone woofer that has been tuned to excel at mid-range vocal frequencies and deep bass.

Sonos Move 2 Increase in Battery Lifespan

With the Release of the Move 2, Sonos has Created a New standard in Audio Quality

The Move 2’s battery life is one of the device’s most notable enhancements. Its promised 24-hour playback time is significantly longer than its 10-hour predecessor’s and guarantees users’ enjoyment of their music for longer periods of time.

Sonos Move 2 Improved Adaptability

Sonos has increased the Move 2’s adaptability by expanding its feature set. Unlike the original Move, this model allows users to stream audio through Bluetooth and synchronise it across all of their house speakers. In addition, the Move 2 adopts line-in capabilities, similar to the Era series, with the help of Sonos’ USB-C dongle, which acts as an analog-to-digital converter. The Move 2’s large 44Wh battery may be use to charge other devices, such as smartphones, via the speaker’s back USB-C connector.

Colour Options and Straightforward Settings

The new Move 2 will be offer in three different colours: black, white, and a brand-new olive green. Capacitive touch controls, including individual track controls and a volume slider bar, are reminiscent of those on the Era speakers.

Stability and Trueplay

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Move 2 is just as tough as its predecessor, earning an IP56 grade for resistance to dust and water. It’s built to withstand common knocks and drops. The automated Trueplay function is still a part of the speaker, with the built-in microphones adjusting the sound quality according to the listening situation. These mics work with services like Amazon Alexa and Sonos Voice Control to allow for hands-free operation.

Sustainability and Connectivity

The Move 2 has built-in support for both Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Sonos boasts that compared to its predecessor, this new speaker cuts power usage by almost 40 percent while it is not in use. In keeping with its commitment to environmental responsibility, Sonos has made the Move 2’s battery removable and changeable.

Reviewing the Past to Prepare for the Future

With its improved stereo capabilities and significantly longer battery life, the upcoming Sonos Move 2 promises to deliver a superior listening experience. The Move 2 is more flexible than its predecessor since it can send Bluetooth signals to other Sonos speakers. These improvements may not much alter the fact that it is still a single speaker device. Move 1 was so well received that its sequel is being eagerly anticipated. In our next in-depth review, we’ll be discussing its features and functionality in further detail.